For 5 minutes ANGRY, our body’s immune system is depressed 6 hours.

Revenge, save bitterness, our body immune to death. That is where all disease begins early. Stress, High Cholesterol, High Blood triggers, heart, rheumatic, arthritis, stroke (bleeding / blockage of blood vessels).

If we often allow ourselves to STRESS, we often experience indigestion.

If we often feel WORRY, then we are susceptible to disease BACK PAIN.

If easily offended, then we will tend to be affected by the disease of insomnia (difficulty sleeping).

If you often experience CONFUSION, then we will be exposed DISORDERS bottom of the spine.

If often allow ourselves to feel that EXCESSIVE FEAR, then we will easily trkena KIDNEY disease.

If you like air-NEGATIVE THINKING, then we will be easily affected by dyspepsia (the disease is difficult to digest).

If we are easy to EMOTION and tends to temper, then we could be susceptible to diseases HEPATITIS.

If we often feel apathy (never cared) about the environment, then we will potentially experience a decrease in immunity.

If the issue is often considered trivial smua, then this could lead to diabetes disease.

If we often feel LONELY, then we can contract the disease SENELIS DEMENTIA (memory and control functions of the body is reduced).

If you often feel sad and always LOW SELF, then we can contract the disease
Leukemia (cancer of white blood cells).

Let us always be grateful for all things that have happened, because dg grateful, then the “heart” is a fun and POSITIVE ENERGY cause the body to expel all the diseases mentioned above.

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