Talk Less and Listen More

Having an open mind will make you listen and understand more. Shutting off your mouth while others talking is showing respect. This is not an ordinary skills, it can help you find more wisdom from the one who is talking. Listening skills is a gift. It’s a way to feed your intellectual and spiritual health.

Listening is similar to reading. You can’t understand what you read if you don’t know what all is about or it doesn’t make sense and the same thing with listening. You can’t understand what you heard if you don’t know what it is or you don’t have idea. Talk less and listen more is an advice to develop your skills how to absorb information. It gives respect to the person who talking.

Listening is Freedom. Be glad that you can hear and no one can stop you not to hear.

The effective ways to listen:

  • Be interested on the topic
  • Read the mouth of the speakers
  • Look at the face of the speakers, you might get the expression or feel something especially when you look into the eyes
  • You can ask to pardon word if you don’t hear it clear.
  • Don’t make the volume too loud or soft.
  • Nod your head if you understand this affirmation or a segment can easily remember when you recall.

I want to share the good site where you can find more detail how to talk less and listen more effectively. You can download the eBook copy of  “The guide for better listening“, Talk Less gives other resources to enhance your listening.

source : dlysen


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