Talk Less Do More…

Talk Less Do more, less talk a lot of work, yes “cigarette advertising” is quite simple but quite striking, it means we should be more work, practice, the solution is not just theory, talk or just criticism but no solutions.

Most of us like to be spectators rather than actors, nice to criticize but without a solution.
For a success not only by talking, but moving, dynamic, not passive.
Most of us are able to speak loudly about upon the success, but when do you much less than we speak.
There are some general things that can spur a person upon the success that when we do istiqomah, consistently then able to bring success in our lives:

1. Start with small things, ranging from things we can do from now on. Do not just dream but to do
2. Do not delay!, Delay means killing the chance, because the opportunity does not come twice
3. Do not be Shame, of course, do not be ashamed doing positive things, sometimes we are more ashamed of doing positive things.
4. Start with the good, start giving selfless do not look as assured delivery will not reduce our Rizki, just add a rich relationship our friendship.
5. Learn, there are no limitations in the study, people who felt he was the dumbest smart actually.
6. Commitment, a commitment to what you dream, what you plan to do, walk on the rail planning and your plans, make criticisms and suggestions as firewood fire your passion, do not be a gutter water that makes you live the spirit of the fire smelled of stale smoke, let the dogs bark successful people keep pace.
7. The last is always praying, fill our souls with positive things, because the spiritual motivation pointed out as the most important things in the spur upon the success a person, because the energy that it provides will be very large effect on the person.


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