How Much the value of You??

Be like the paper money that has a nominal height. Though wrinkled, still many people who want it.

A man comes into a playground full of children, then he pulled out a hundred thousand are still new and flaunt it in the air and shouted, “Who wants this money?” Suddenly the children who were playing of hands with a face full of hope.

Then he crumpled paper money so tangled. Then he again held up the crumpled money while shouting, “If money was matted still would not?” All children want to answer.

The man smiled and put the money in the ground and stomped on it until dirty. He again raised the money which is already abysmally on the children, “How now, still want to?” All children still want the money with great enthusiasm.

From the story above, we can take the lessons of life. Often we feel that our lives are tangled, full of pressure and not cleanly. In addition, we often feel that many people who had trampled self-esteem so that life becomes a mess. As a result, we only focus on living a ‘tangled and dirty’, we forget the ‘nominal value’ that God has given a lot of ability to develop themselves.

Therefore, focus yourself on face value that God has given. Be like the money with a nominal high, despite the rumpled and dirty, everyone wants their presence because it remains useful. Remove all of the capabilities and potential you have, and be someone that is useful for yourself and others.



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